Previous ‘Subject’ discussion in e-Prints mailing lists, November 2002


The following lists were scanned for relevant items prior to future discussion on the oai-eprints mailing list




OAI-General:  OAI-General  Jan 2001Nov 2002


ANU in Australia asking for advice on indexing August 2001


[OAI-general] Query on eprint archive indexing (fwd)   Stevan Harnad


Mention of LEAF and CYCLADES EU projects



There was also discussion of partitions in June 2000 in the previous mailing list UPS archives July 1999-Feb 2001




Open Archives Forum Public Mailing List:


This has had some limited discussion of various organisational issues up to now since a working group was set up in June. ‘Subject’ may be on agenda for discussion by people who are attending the Lisbon workshop on Open Access to Hidden Resources in December 2002 when there will be a working group meeting.

Look for OI! in the subject line of thegeneral list as below:


Subject: OI! Organisational Issues Working Group

  • Date: Wed, 26 Jun 2002 16:56:01 +0100
  • Reply-To: <>


eprints-underground and eprints-tech:

There has been a small amount of discussion e.g. by the University of Padua who wish to implement a subject tree used by Italian academics



A few questions have also been asked by technical people related to specific aspects of using the GNU EPrints software



Jessie Hey