Advanced Design and Verification Environment for Cyber-physical System Engineering

FP7 Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Programme


ADVANCE is an FP7 Information and Communication Technologies Project funded by the European Commission. The overall objective of ADVANCE is the development of a unified tool-based framework for automated formal verification and simulation-based validation of cyber-physical systems.

The ADVANCE project is unique in addressing both simulation and formal verification within a single design framework.

Unification is being achieved through the use of a common formal modelling language supported by methods and tools for simulation and formal verification. An integrated tool environment is providing support for construction, verification and simulation of models.

ADVANCE is building on an existing formal modelling language - Event-B - and its associated tools environment - Rodin - with strong support for formal verification. In ADVANCE, Rodin is being further strengthened and augmented with novel approaches to multi-simulation and testing.