CLIME - Complete Lifecycle Management Environment

(Contact Vicki Sivess)

Work is being carried out on a prototype implementation of CLIME. CLIME, standing for Complete Lifecycle Management Environment, aims to support software developers in their existing ways of working, and is based on the ideas contained in the FW software lifecycle model. The significant feature of this model is that it explicitly deals with quality factoring: that is, ensuring that non-functional requirements migrate through the stages of a project to be dealt with at the most appropriate point and thus allowing more risks to be considered at an early stage in the scheduling process and project overrun to be avoided. The aim of CLIME is to provide a framework for greater visibility on the whole process of software development and evolution and increased traceability of design commitments to customer requirements. The model has been partly formalised using the CCS notation and the system has been implemented in C using the X11 toolkit with the Motif widget set.

Hugh Glaser
Declarative Systems & Software Engineering Group
Department of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton

28th December 1994