Declarative Systems & Software Engineering

Declarative Systems and Software Engineering (DSSE) Research Group

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Research Staff and Research Students:

Typically 20-25

Industrial Collaborators

DRA, ECRC, IBM, ICL, Integrity Arts, National Power, Pictorius, QC Technology, SRI, NCC, X/Open

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DSSE Research Programmes

DSSE Objectives

Past work as been concerned with developing technologies and tools within the research areas. The emphasis has now moved towards delivering those tools to users.

We also wish to promote interaction within the group and with other groups in the department. This is achieved by taking a real-world problem and bringing in a range of experts to apply their knowledge to different aspects of the problem.

This enables us to test our methods and technology in the context of exemplar applications, while continuing to develop and improve the technology in response to user inputs.

Hugh Glaser
Declarative Systems & Software Engineering Group
Department of Electronics and Computer Science
University of Southampton

28th December 1994