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Partner Profile

Southampton University

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at the University of Southampton will host the project which has the full backing of the Faculty and the Department of Electronics and Computer Science with Electrical Engineering. The department was awarded 24/24 in the EEE assessment.

The Faculty has recently established a Task Force to implement the University's Learning and Teaching Strategy, to disseminate good practice in learning and teaching. The Task Force will address a range of innovations in the engineering curriculum, including the systematic use of automated assessment in the curriculum.

Bournemouth University

Bournemouth University's School of Design Engineering and Computing is actively engaged in exploring many forms of curriculum delivery. The school is committed to the use of integrated formative assessment to support student learning and as a key part of teaching quality enhancement.

The school use Question Mark Perception for online objective testing, multiple choice question generation and marking and have a special interest in developing this work into the area of Engineering CPD.

University of Portsmouth

Portsmouth's Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering has been developing and monitoring the use of automated assessment for several years. It is managing a project on improving group work assessment, with particular emphasis on automated assessment.

The department believes the wider experience-base that comes from regional collaboration will lead to increased confidence in the use of such methods across a broader range of topics than is feasible in a single institution

Southampton Institute

The Faculty of Technology at Southampton Institute offers a range of courses at Higher National, undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Programmes in electronic engineering and related areas include BEng (Hons) Electronic Engineering and BSc (Hons) Media Technology.

The Faculty is strongly committed to support this project as the provision of timely and effective formative feedback has been shown to enhance and shape student learning. Such formative feedback is particularly valuable when students joining a programme have diverse educational backgrounds and learning styles.

Southampton Institute is itself strongly supportive of innovation in learning, teaching and assessment, with this commitment articulated in the Institute's Strategy for Learning, Teaching and Curriculum Development.