Workshop 15: Distributed Systems and Algorithms

Programme Committee:

General Chair. Ernst Mayr (TU Munich, Germany),
Local Chair. Pavlos Spirakis (CTI, Greece)
Vice Chair. Friedemann Mattern (Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany)
Vice Chair. Marios Mavronicolas (University of Cyprus, Cyprus)


Interprocessor communication has become fast enough that distributed systems can be used to solve highly parallel problems in addition to more traditional distributed problems (such as client-server applications). These distributed systems range from a local area network of homogeneous workstations to coordinated heterogenous workstations and supercomputers. Algorithmic and architectural solutions to problems from the fields of distributed and parallel processing (as well as new solutions) can often be applied or adapted to these kinds of systems. Typical examples are implementations of shared memory abstractions on top of message-passing systems, scheduling parallel applications on distributed heterogeneous systems, mechanism and abstractions for fault tolerance, and algorithms to provide elementary system functions and services. This workshop aims at these and other themes mentioned below. Presentations of distributed applications (e.g., databases, cooperative processing, metacomputing, real-time issues) that illustrate pertinent concepts are also welcome. We generally encourage papers that emphasize the junction between distributed computing and parallelism.

Topics of interest include: