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Automatic Gait Recognition for Human ID at a Distance
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Welcome to the Southampton part of the DARPA funded programme Automatic Gait Recognition for Human ID at a Distance. This programme concerns developing new technologies for recognising people at a distance. It is run within the ISIS research group at the Department of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton.

A major aim of the project at Southampton is to develop a database for research work in automatic gait recognition. We describe elsewhere our own research in automatic gait recognition where many of our students apply their new moving-feature extraction and description techniques. The advantages of using gait as a biometric are that it is non-contact and sequence based.

This page offers links to those who are kindly taking part in our database collection. We also provide examples showing some of the data we have collected and the result of its processing. Links takes you to other Human ID project members and People tells you who's slaving away here!

Database available

We now have a preliminary version of the Southampton database available (click the database button)

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