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The Southampton Human ID at a distance gait database consists of two major segments - a large population (~100), but basic, database and a small population, but more detailed, database. The large database is intended to address two questions: whether gait is individual across a significant number of people in normal conditions, and to what extent research effort needs to be directed towards biometric algorithms or towards computer vision algorithms for accurate extraction of subjects. The small database is intended to investigate the robustness of biometric techniques to imagery of the same subject in various common conditions (carrying items, wearing different clothing or footwear).

This set of pages acts as a front-end to the Southampton HID database (see the downloads page for access instructions) and provides a set of examples of the contents of the database.

For more information, mail Mark Nixon (

Status / Changelog

15/May/02initial release
23/May/02updated subject information spreadsheet in info directory
27/May/02minor fixes to large db, camera e - 8 files in session 021 had subject "None", should have been "010"
13/Dec/02minor correction (heelstrike off-by-one) in 027a094s00L.xml (large d/b, track normal camera), created missing 008b013.xml (large d/b, treadmill normal camera). Also discovered a missing subject in the large d/b treadmill normal camera (B) directory, which caused all subjects in the same session to be misnumbered - consequently, 020b069.{dv | xml} has been renumbered to 020b070, 020b070 to 020b071, 020b071 to 020b072 and 020b069.{dv | xml}-missing has been created. Unfortunately, it seems the source tape was corrupted at the time of filming so the data cannot be recovered.
02/Apr/03Considerable patching to large db, camera e XML files to correct multiple problems (remember, only large db, camera a is considered stable at the minute). The timecode information embedded in the background DV files for this camera has had digitisation errors corrected.
18/Aug/03Temporal database added.
25/Sep/03Large database cameras C and F (oblique views) DVs added.
19/Jan/04Finally remembered to update the XML to a new format (common to all databases). Currently retaining a copy of the old XML in xml_db.pre-ajc-xml
27/Feb/04Downtime due to server upgrade (and disk failure during backup :/) - Fixed at last

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