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GEODISE is one of a new breed of EPSRC funded research programmes involving multi disciplinary teams working to build a state of the art design tool demonstrator. The GEODISE demonstrator is intended to carry out engineering design search and optimisation involving fluid dynamics, and is bringing together the collective skills of engineers and computer scientists.

Intelligent design search tools will become a vital component of all engineering design systems and will steer the user through the process of setting up, executing and post-processing design search and optimisation activities. Such systems require large-scale distributed simulations to be coupled with tools to describe and modify designs, using information from databases and knowledge bases. These tools are physically distributed and under the control of multiple elements in the supply chain. Whilst evaluation of a single design may require the analysis of gigabytes of data, to improve the process of design can require assimilation of terabytes of distributed data.

The technologies from Geodise have been commercialised in dezineforce ( which is offering a web-enabled design search and optimisation service with third party packages such as those from ANSYS and Fluent. Intelligent optimization tools guide the user through the process of setting up calculations as a workflow over the web which run on remote secure, reliable hosted servers providing high performance and high throughput computing and database facilities.

GeodiseLab Toolboxes available for download

The core Geodise toolboxes are available for public release as part of the OMII managed programme.

The GeodiseLab release for Matlab (version 1.3.7) is available for download now and there are three releases for different versions of Matlab, including support for releases of Matlab R14SP2 and above.

The GeodiseLabPy release for Jython (version 1.0.2) is also available for download. These GeodiseLab releases include the Geodise Compute and Database and XML toolboxes. The XML toolbox for Matlab is also available as a separate download.

The Geodise Database server components are also available for download.

Documentation for the GeodiseLab release is available online here.


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