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The Geodise project has produced a number of toolboxes which integrate Grid client functionality into problem solving environments used day-to-day by scientists and engineers. The goal of GeodiseLab activity is to harden, and to further develop, these toolboxes to production quality for release to the Open Middleware Infrastructure Institute (OMII). The OMII repository will provide a long-term distribution point for the GeodiseLab toolboxes.

The toolboxes being hardened for release to the OMII are:

We support both the Matlab and Python scripting languages. As part of the future development of these toolboxes we will be supporting new middleware, including the OMII middleware stack.

A further GeodiseLab activity is to train and support those users wishing to utilise these toolboxes. If you wish to discuss the adoption of the GeodiseLab toolboxes please do not hesitate to contact the GeodiseLab team.

GeodiseLab Toolboxes available for download

The core Geodise toolboxes are available for public release as part of the OMII managed programme.

The GeodiseLab release for Matlab (version 1.1), and the GeodiseLabPy release for Jython (version 1.0beta) are available for download now.These GeodiseLab releases include the Geodise Compute and Database and XML toolboxes. The XML toolbox for Matlab is also available as a seperate download.

Documentation for the GeodiseLab releases are available online here.

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