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The Provenance Store Service

The Provenance Store Service is an open source implementation of the Provenance Architecture developed by the project. Written in Java, it is based on the Globus GT4 Toolkit and consists of a Web Service supporting the architectural interfaces which interacts with the eXist open source XML database using an OGSA-DAI data service.

Component Model

The Provenance Store Service contains the components as shown in the following figure.


Provenance Aware Applications interact with the Provenance Store through a Web Service using the operations and messages defined in the Provenance Architecture. These applications may use the Client Side Library developed as part of the project or they may directly generate the messages neede to interact with the service. A Provenance Service Resource then manages the connections between the Web Service and an OGSA-DAI data service which interacts with the back end database. This database usine the eXist open source XML database. The OGSA-DAI and eXist components are not included in the project code downloads.

Software Download

The Provenance Store Service is available for download in one (13.5MB) zip file (below) under the terms of the Common Public License Version 1.0. By selecting the Download button, you accept the terms of the license.