High Performance Computing High Performance Computing University of Southampton

Friday, 1st December 2000, 1pm

Title : Roadmaps to the Future of Cluster Computing - A Review
Speaker : Dr. Kenji Takeda, School of Engineering Sciences, Univ. of Southampton
Keywords : High Performance Computing, Windows 2000/NT Cluster, Supercomputer,
Cornell Theory Centre (CTC), Advanced Cluster Consortium (AC3)

Abstract :

Cornell Theory Centre (CTC) is a leading US Supercomputer site that has recently committed to developing and deploying large Windows NT/2000 PC Cluster systems, with significant support from Microsoft, Intel and Dell.

In this seminar I will review the first annual Advanced Cluster Consortium (AC3) meeting, held earlier this Summer. Highlights of talks by CTC, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, NCSA, and users of the systems at Cornell will be presented. The panel session on the 'Future of HPC with Clusters' will also be discussed.

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