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Friday, 8th December 2000, 1pm

Title : Astrophysical jets - the exhausts of the most efficient engine in the universe
Speaker : Dr. Christian Kaiser, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Univ. of Southampton
Keywords : Astronomical Fluid Jets, Active Galaxies, Numerical Simulation of Astrophysical Jet Engines

Abstract :

Fluid jets are found in a wide variety of astronomical objects. The range extends from new-born stars via degenerate stars (neutron stars, stellar mass black holes) to quasars and other active galaxies. I will briefly review this range from an observational view point. I then concentrate on active galaxies with emphasis on what we can learn about the central engine driving the jets from a combination of observation, analytical study and numerical simulations. Finally, I briefly summarise the on-going work on jets in the Astronomy Department.

About the speaker :

Christian Kaiser is a new lecturer in the Department of Physics & Astronomy. Particular areas of interest include radiative processes in hot astrophysical plasmas, physics of shocks in jet flows, individual and cosmological evolution of radio galaxies, the influence of large-scale jets on the evolution of galaxy clusters.

Further Information :

Christian Kaiser


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