High Performance Computing High Performance Computing University of Southampton

Friday, 9th February 2001, 16:30 hrs

Titles : (1) The Knowledge Grid
(2) The Information Grid
Speakers : Prof. David C De Roure
Prof. Nigel R Shadbolt
IAM Research Group
University of Southampton
Keywords : Knowledge GRID, Information GRID

Abstract :

The Knowledge Grid - by Prof Nigel R Shadbolt
This talk will review the role that knowledge technologies might play in the Grid Enterprise. The requirement for a Knowledge Grid will be described. A number of technologies and methods originating from Knowledge Engineering will be described and their role in the Knowledge Grid outlined. Reference will be made to recent proposals for a semantic web and the extent to which this might support a Knowledge Grid activity.

The Information Grid -by Prof. David C De Roure
The information grid provides the infrastructure and services to locate,integrate and manage heterogeneous information resources, and to support collaboration between those sharing the information space. Drawing on our experience in the Web Consortium and the EPSRC Distributed Information Management programme, this short talk will discuss the extent to which the web infrastructure supports the information grid, identify research issues in the field of distributed information management, and outline local work on shared collaborative information spaces.


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