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Friday, 17th November 2000, 1pm

Title : Grid Computing in Meteorology
Speaker : Prof. Geerd-Rüdiger Hoffmann (Deutscher Wetterdienst)
Keywords : Meteorological applications, network infrastructure, limited-area model, grid computing

Abstract :

The development of the Internet and the advent of "portals" have led to an understanding of the network infrastructure as being equivalent to the electricity grid providing computing services instead of electricity. A number of projects have embarked on exploiting this new understanding, amongst them GLOBUS and UNICORE. The requirements for providing a "plug" to the computing grid and the underlying techniques are described. Furthermore, the necessary features of the applications using these services are considered. In the context of the EUROGRID project, funded by the EU, the planned meteorological application of a relocatable limited-area model is presented in detail. In particular, the services necessary for the application which have to be provided by the Internet are discussed. An outlook into the future of grid computing is given.

About the speaker :

Prof. Geerd-Rüdiger Hoffmann is head of the Systems and Operations Group of the German meteorological service - Deutscher Wetterdienst.

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