High Performance Computing High Performance Computing University of Southampton

Friday, 24th November 2000, 1pm

Title : HPC User Meeting

Purpose :

The University recently allocated 1Mn pounds of HEFCE Capital Allocations funding to provide "world-class computational and data handling facilities" in support of research. At this meeting we will discuss the proposal for the facilities which we intend to procure and invite feedback from users. In particular we would like to ensure that the balance between data storage and compute power will meet the needs of users, and that the computational platform(s) are able to run a profile of proprietary packages which users require.

If you are unable to attend/ send a representative, then please contact us directly to discuss the details of the machine.

Peter Hancock (SUCS, 22595, pjh@soton.ac.uk)
Ian Hardy (SUCS, 23577, idh@soton.ac.uk)
Simon Cox (ECS, 23116, sc@ecs.soton.ac.uk)
Jon Essex (Chemistry, 22794, j.w.essex@soton.ac.uk)


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