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Wednesday, 25th October 2000

Title : The CASINO 21 Climate Prediction Experiment
Speaker : Dave Stainforth
Keywords : large-scale Monte-Carlo simulation, climate prediction, Internet PC computing

Abstract :

This project aims to harness the power of PCs in homes and businesses to predict the climate of the 21st century.
It will provide a unique opportunity to experience climate modelling first-hand and to learn more about methods of climate prediction.

About the speaker :

Dave Stainforth is project coordinator for the Casino 21 project and researcher in the Middle Atmosphere Dynamics and Climate groups of the atmospheric physics department of the University of Oxford.

Particular areas of interest in climate and atmospheric physics research include

* Distributed computing and the running of large ensemble climate predictions involving the public.

* Paramaterization of gravity waves in GCMs with a particular focus on the application of the Hines gravity wave parameterization in the Met.Office's Unified Model.

* The forces driving the QBO (Quasi Biennial Oscillation).

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