High Performance Computing High Performance Computing University of Southampton

Wednesday, 28th March 2001, 1pm

Title : Finite Element Modelling of Photonic Crystals
Speaker : Mr. Ben Hiett, High Performance Computing Group, University of Southampton
Keywords : Photonic Crystals, Photonic Bandgaps, Finite Element Modelling

Abstract :

This talk presents an efficient finite element method (FEM) for computing spectra of photonic band gap materials. Such computations have traditionally been approached using plane wave expansion techniques. These have the disadvantages of being expensive in terms of computation and memory. By contrast, the FEM is considerably more efficient due mainly to the fact that the eigensystem matrices are very sparse. An implementation of the method is described and it is used to compute the band structure for a variety of photonic crystal (PC) geometries. The cost of interpolation order with respect to solution accuracy is also explored.

About the speaker :

Ben Hiett is a postgraduate research student at the High Performance Computing Group in Southampton.

Further Information :

Ben Hiett


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