Links into Languages

Links into Languages

Links into Languages aims to build a learning community for language practitioners and provide high quality professional development courses that address current national priorities for languages. Based in each of the nine English regions, Links offers a nationally co-ordinated network of support centres, which house a training and drop-in centre for meetings, networking and access to resources.


April, 2009 - March, 2011

Key contact(s):

Links into Languages
tel: 023 8059 9391

Funded by:

The Department for Schools, Families and Children (DCSF)

Project partners:

Links is a consortium of the Subject centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies, the Association for Language Learning (ALL), and the Specialist Schools and Academies Trust (SSAT).

Project aims:

  • To work in partnership with all stakeholders to support the learning community for all those working with languages.
  • To provide of high quality continuing professional development courses available throughout the nine English regions.
  • To offer information on all available training provision, advice and professional development materials and networking opportunities.


  • Nine Regional Centres and a network of local centres.
  • Comprehensive support for the language teaching community.


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