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Southampton Feedback Champions

LLAS is launching a new initiative. This project aims to discover and share good practice in the delivery and use of feedback by staff and students


7 February 2014

The SPEAQ Project

The aim of the SPEAQ project (Sharing Practice in Enhancing and Assuring Quality) is to connect three key quality circles: teacher, student and quality manager in order to share and enhance quality assurance practice in higher education. This project sets out to address a real concern that quality assurance can become ritualised rather than embedded in learning and teaching practice. The outcomes from this project will seed new ideas on how to approach quality assurance within the institution providing evidence of how bringing together stakeholders in the quality process can lead to a wider and more meaningful interpretation of quality assurance. It will collect data on different stakeholder perspectives on quality assurance and undertake small projects at institutional level which will explore ways in which a more shared vision of quality assurance can be fostered at institutional and disciplinary level. SPEAQ will be building on the work of the LanQua project (Language Network for Quality Assurance) which explored issues of quality in the context of the discipline of languages. It developed a toolkit (The LanQua Toolkit to support frontline (academic/academic support) staff in conceptualising and describing quality from their practice perspective.

4 November 2011

Language Network for Quality Assurance (LanQua)

The Subject Centre is coordinating a three-year project under the European Commission's Lifelong Learning Erasmus Network programme. The LanQua project is developing a Language Network for Quality Assurance and involves 60 partners across Europe.

29 October 2007

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