Reshaping Languages 2014

Reshaping languages in HE conference 2014 : tweets capturing the key messages for language professionals in the UK by Teresa MacKinnon @WarwickLanguage


Wednesday 9 July 2014

Plenary 1:
"How fertile is the ground for us to reshape languages in UK Higher Education?" - Jocelyn Wyburd, UCML - Narrative

Paper Session 1 :
"Through a glass, darkly: processes and effects of teaching L3 through L2" - Mark Hopkins, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 

"Dealing with Diversity : Rethinking the Lecture—Seminar Format in language and Content Provision" - Joanne Hooker & John Holder, Southampton Solent University

"Reflection as a key learning tool in ab initio language delivery" - Elia Lorena Lopez, University of York

"The XML project: digital literacy and curriculum innovation in ab initio Spanish" - Kate Borthwick & Irina Nelson, University of Southampton

"From modules to qualifications—reshaping the languages curriculum at the Open University" - Uwe Baumann & Elodie Vialleton, The Open University

Plenary 2 :
"The Open World Research Initiative" - Ian Lyne & Adam  Walker, Arts and Humanities Research Council 


Paper Session 2 :
"Reshaping Modern Languages at Cardiff University—a case study" - Catherine Chabert, Cardiff University

"The Growth of the IWLP—how institution wide language programmes can change the landscape of languages" - John Morley, University of Manchester

Paper Session 3 :
"Learning to learn languages: the OpAL project" - Enza Siciliano Verruccio & Pilar Gray-Carlos, University of Reading

"Effective transition in language learning—secondary to HE" - Olga Gomez-Cash, University of Lancaster

"Transnationalizing modern languages website" - Charles Burdett & Naomi Wells, University of Bristol & University of Warwick

"Lessons learnt from online synchronous teaching in a language MOOC" - Helene Pulker, Bill Alder, Elodie Vialleton & Tita Beaven, The Open University

"Exploring international student satisfaction with online courses in acculturation and English language development" - Julie Watson, University of Southampton

"Looking back to take things forward : reflections on a language portfolio" - Ruth Hatcher, Laurence Millard & David Tual, University of Cambridge


Thursday 10 July 2014

Paper Session 4 :
"Languages and Disciplines in the 21st Century : Interdisciplinarity and Italian Studies" - Giuliana Pieri, University of London

"Reshaping language teaching in higher education: delivering an interdisciplinary specialist language module to History of Art students" - Cinzia Bacilieri, University of York

"Bridging the gap : a self-discovering path into intercultural perception of self and the other" - Alessia Plutino & Alessia Cogo, University of Southampton

"Language Learning Advisor Scheme: Enabling students to take charge" - Alison Fenner, University of Reading

"Learning together—leanring from and with each other : Towards a community of L2 users through a Peer Assisted Learning Scheme at Exeter"  - Sonia Cunico & Juan Manuel Garcia-Precedo, University of Exeter 

"Promoting graduate skills in ML students" - Ruth Whittle, Elisenda Marcer, Dorothée Sachse, University of Birmingham

Plenary 4 :
Translating and Interpreting Panel
Helen Campbell, Director of National Network for Interpreting
Christina Schaeffner, from the National Network for Translation
Angeliki Petrits from European Commission Representation UK

Paper Session 5 :
"Out of the frying pan and into the classroom: student producers transform their year abroad encounters into learning objects for schools" - Cathy Hampton, University of Warwick

"Collaboration—more than the sum of its parts..?" - Sarah Schechter, Anglia Ruskin University

"Add+vantage Coventry University : Delivering institution wide languages provision with an employability framework" - Bill Brick & Tiziana Cervi-Wilson, Coventry University

"Eclectic approach or multimodal experience : a professional development programme for languages teachers" - Cecilia Goria & Marion Sadoux, University of Nottingham

"Adding linguistic competence to the graduate profile : moving the non-linguist ( CEF A2) from parrot to communicator" - Alison Nader & Alison Nicholson, University of Reading

Plenary 5 :
"Modern foreign languages : policy and funding context" - Chris Millward, HEFCE

Paper Session 6 :
"Promoting intercultural learning amoung Anglophone students during residence abroad" - Patricia Romero de Mills, University of Southampton

"Better French Living through Independent Learning" - Sandra Salin & Damien Hall, Newcastle University

"Teaching languages through a supportive learning environment to enhance global graduate skills" - Teresa MacKinnon & Katsuko Nagata, University of Warwick

"Bring your own vocabulary : Engaging students in vocabulary learning with mobile and collaborative technologies" - Benoit Guilbaud, University of Manchester

"Plurilingualism in higher education : Portuguese students’ voices" - Susana Pinto, University of Aveiro

"Developing intercultural and linguistic awareness on international modules" - John Holder & Joanne Hooker, Southampton Solent University