SHEP Thursday Seminar
The seminar takes place in our seminar room on the top floor, every Thursday at 12:45 p.m.
Please contact me should you desire a particular slot for your talk, or in case you want to provide an abstract or your slides.
Programme for the academic year 2007/2008
No seminar - group meeting
18.10.2007 Alexander Belyaev
Focus Point Region of Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider [slides (pdf)]
25.10.2007 Andrei Starinets
Transport in strongly interacting plasmas, holography, and black hole physics
01.11.2007 Xiao Zhi Guang
The rational parts of one loop QCD amplitudes
08.11.2007 Dirk Brömmel
A Peek into the Pion - Pion Structure from the Lattice
15.11.2007 Edward Threlfall
Meson melting in high temperature gauge-gravity duals
29.11.2007 Chris Sachrajda
Kaon Physics with Chiral Quarks [slides (pdf)]
06.12.2007 Beatriz de Carlos
Stabilising moduli avoiding AdS
13.12.2007 Jonathan Flynn
Kaon Chiral Perturbation Theory
Christmas vacation from 17.12.2007 until 04.01.2008
17.01.2008 Thomas Rae, Colin Whaymand
Solution to the Christmas problems
24.01.2008 James French, Jonathan Hall
Solution to the Christmas problems
No seminar in favour of the NExT meeting taking place at RAL
07.02.2008 James Ettle
The MHV QCD Lagrangian [slides (pdf)]
14.02.2008 Lorenzo Basso, Marco Pruna
A B-L extension of the SM and its phenomenology (Lorenzo) [slides (pdf)]
μ+μ- production in e+e- annihilation (From QED to (B)SM) (Marco) [slides (pdf)]
21.02.2008 Steve King
Breaking the Standard Model Code
28.02.2008 Jonathan Fudger
Progress with the MHV Lagrangian
06.03.2008 Jonathan Roberts (University of Warsaw) - note the special occasion
Dark matter from U(1) extended supersymmetry
13.03.2008 George Weatherill
Non-Geometric Fluxes on Orbifolds
Easter vacation from 17.03.2008 until 11.04.2008
03.04.2008 Bernd Kniehl (University of Hamburg) - note the special occasion
Inclusive production of heavy-flavoured hadrons at NLO in the GM-VFN scheme
10.04.2008 Sandhya Choubey (Harish-Chandra Research Institute) - note the special occasion
Neutrino Phenomenology: An Outlook
24.04.2008 Michal Malinský
Third Family Corrections to Tri-bimaximal Lepton Mixing and a New Sum Rule
08.05.2008 Toby Burrows
Orbifold GUT Models
15.05.2008 Xiao Zhi Guang 肖志广
MHV QCD Lagrangian with a massive quark
22.05.2008 Richard Howl   12:00, Shackleton, L/T B
Quark and Lepton Masses and the Higgs Field
29.05.2008 Michael Donnellan
Light-Cone Distribution Amplitudes from Lattice QCD
05.06.2008 Conrado Albertus Torres
B Meson Mixing on the Lattice
12.06.2008 Hugo Pedroso de Lima
Kl3 and pion form factors at small momentum transfers
19.06.2008 Salima Boudjemaa
Renormalisation Group Corrections to Neutrino Mixing Sum Rules
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