SHEP Thursday Seminar
The seminar takes place in our seminar room on the top floor, every Thursday at 13:00 p.m.
Please contact me should you desire a particular slot for your talk, or in case you want to provide an abstract or your slides.
Programme for the academic year 2010/2011
No seminar
14.10.2010 Chair: Chris Sachrajda
No seminar - group meeting
21.10.2010 Andrew Akeroyd
Phenomenology of doubly charged Higgs bosons at hadron colliders [slides (pdf)]
28.10.2010 Luca Marzola
Flavoured leptogenesis & the initial conditions problems [slides (pdf)]
04.11.2010 Andrew Lytle
Non-perturbative Renormalization with Staggered Fermions [slides (pdf)]
11.11.2010 Nick Evans
Non Mean-Field Quantum Critical Points from Holography [slides (pdf)]
18.11.2010 Mosleh Maeedh Al Marashi
Discovery Potential of the Light CP-odd Higgs Boson of NMSSM at the LHC [slides (pdf)]
25.11.2010 Raul Alvares
Tensor currents in an AdS/QCD model with a hardwall
Canceled (Heavy snow)
09.12.2010 Marco Pruna
Properties of the minimal B-L extension of the Standard Model: the Higgs Sector
No seminar - Annual theory meeting (Durham)
Christmas vacation from 20.12.2010 until 07.01.2011
13.01.2011 Jonathan Hall
Dark Matter and Novel Higgs Decays in the E6SSM
20.01.2011 James French
Holography of a Composite Inflaton
27.01.2011 Matthew McCullough
Multiple supersymmetry-breaking sectors. Origins, spectra and uses
03.02.2011 Thomas Rae
The structure of light mesons from Lattice QCD
10.02.2011 David Jones
Leptogenesis in the two right-handed neutrino model
17.02.2011 Iain Cooper
RG evolution as a solution to the problem of leptogenesis in family symmetry models
24.02.2011 Kristian McDonald
Low-Energy Signals from a Warped Abelian Hidden Sector
03.03.2011 Elaine Goode
K to pi pi decays from lattice QCD
10.03.2011 First year students
Report on Christmas problem
17.03.2011 Chris Sachrajda
Light Quark Physics with Domain Wall Fermions
24.03.2011 Steve King
Beyond the MSSM
31.03.2011 Astrid Gebauer
The holographic Phase Diagram
Easter vacation from 04.04.2011 until 02.05.2011
05.05.2011 Maria Magou
Quasinormal modes in AdS/CFT correspondence
12.05.2011 Benjamin Samways
All to all propagators in Lattice QCD
19.05.2011 Math Building 54/8031(8C) Common Learning space 40 Diego Becciolini
The 4-site model: investigating the validity of approximations
26.05.2011 Ken Mimasu
Top Quark Phenomenology of the ADD model and the Minimal Length Scenario
02.06.2011 Patrik Svantesson
Exploring Neutralino Dark Matter resonance annihilation via muon signatures from Higgs bosons at the LHC
09.06.2011 First year students
Report on Easter problem
16.06.2011 James Callaghan (Next semester: Matthew Brown, James Lyon)
Model building with F-Theory GUTs
Next semester: Matthew Brown, James Lyon
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