SHEP Thursday Seminar
The seminar takes place in our seminar room on the top floor, every Thursday at 13:00 p.m.
Please contact me should you desire a particular slot for your talk, or in case you want to provide an abstract or your slides.

Programme for the academic year 2011/2012.

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No seminar
13.10.2011 Chair: Chris Sachrajda
No seminar - Group meeting
20.10.2011 Alex Stuart
Icosahedral Symmetry and the Flavor Problem
27.10.2011 Qaisar Shafi (Bartol Research Institute, Newark)
Exploring Yukawa and Gauge- Yukawa Unification at the LHC
03.11.2011 James Lyon
Quark masses from Dyson-Schwinger equations
10.11.2011 Steve King
SUSY and the LHC
17.11.2011 Doug Ross
Possible Evidence for Physics Beyond the LHC
24.11.2011 Matthew Brown
Consistent Minimal Universal Extra Dimensions at the LHC
01.12.2011 Tim Morris
Faster Than Light Neutrinos Through Maximal Oscillation
08.12.2011 Luca Panizzi
Superluminal neutrinos in long baseline experiments and SN1987a
No seminar - Annual theory meeting (Durham)
Christmas vacation from 18.12.2011 until 08.01.2012
12.01.2012 Patrik Svantesson
E6SSM vs MSSM gluino phenomenology.
19.01.2012 Lev Lipatov (St. Petersburg NPI, Russia)
BFKL equation for the adjoint representation in N=4 SUSY and the DDH ansatz for the 6-point amplitude
26.01.2012 Daniele Barducci
Report on Christmas Problem - Computation of decay widths in a Composite Higgs Model
02.02.2012 No Seminar
09.02.2012 Iain Cooper
Trimaximal neutrinos (TB or not TB?)
16.02.2012 First Year Students
Report on Christmas Problem
23.02.2012 Diego Becciolini
Interferences ā€“ why you should worry about them ( least in Drell-Yan searches of Wā€™/Zā€™)
01.03.2012 Shane Drury
Charm physics on the lattice
08.03.2012 James Callaghan
Aspects of Model Building in F-Theory GUTs
15.03.2012 Jason Hammett
Leptoquark production at the LHC
Easter vacation from 18.03.2012 until 15.04.2012
19.04.2012 Luca Marzola
Leptogenesis 1.5 years later
26.04.2012 Maria Magou
Holographic chiral symmetry breaking - Towards a QCD phase diagram
03.05.2012 Ken Mimasu
Z' signals in polarised top-antitiop final states
10.05.2012 Raul Alvares
Holography of the conformal window
17.05.2012 Shackleton L/T B Maria Dimou
Isospin asymmetry in B->K*l^(+)l^(-)
24.05.2012 Ben Samways
Eta and Eta' mesons from Lattice QCD
31.05.2012 Dave Jones
Making Leptogenesis Useful
13.06.2012 First year students
Report on Easter problem
14.06.2012 Maien Binjonaid
Fine Tuning in SUSY models
Summer break
04.10.2012 Chair: Tim Morris
No seminar - Group Meeting
11.10.2012 Alex Merle
Research Topics and Beyond
18.10.2012 James Callaghan
E6 Based Models from F-theory
25.10.2012 Antonin Portelli
Non-perturbative QCD and isospin symmetry breaking
01.11.2012 Thomas Neder
Finite Symmetry of Lepton Mixing
08.11.2012 Ken Mimasu
Asymmetries and Z's
15.11.2012 Juergen Dietz
Asymptotic Safety in the f(R) approximation
22.11.2012 Luca Fedeli
Phenomenology of multi resonance model in di-boson channel at LHC
29.11.2012 Daniele Barducci
Exploring Drell-Yan signals from the 4D Composite Higgs Model at the LHC
No Seminar - Physics Forum
No seminar - Annual theory meeting (Durham)
Christmas vacation from 16.12.2012 until 06.01.2013
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