In this talk I will present some aspects of CP violation in in the Higgs sector and in Supersymmetry (SUSY). I will discuss a few ideas in the determination of CP nature of the Higgs boson at the LHC and at the ILC. In this I will discuss ways of probing anomlaous $VVH$ and $t \bar t H$ vertices, including effects of CP violation. If time permits I will also mention an interesting aspect of the Higgs phenomenology in presence of CP violation in SUSY. For certain regions in the supersymmetric parameter space, the light neutral Higgs could have escaped detection at LEP. The Tevatron and LHC also will not have reach in the usual search channels of the Higgs in this case. I will discuss aspects of the phenomenology of a light charged higgs, lighter than the top, which must exist in this case and show how it can help close this 'hole' in the parameter space at the LHC.