A forum for the support of robust mechanisms of evidence of ownership for intellectual property expressed in any medium

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The prime motivation for probity.org is the support of moral ownership of ideas, inventions, concepts and designs by their originators. Such material is often termed 'intellectual property' (IP) and increasingly it is borne as 'electronically stored information' (ESI). Generally, probity.org is concerned about acknowledging the existence of  any  electronic document, even something as ordinary as a bank statement.

If you are in commerce, a researcher, designer or musician then you should be interested in probity — in every sense of the word!  probity.org supports non-repudiation (NR) and enhances trust between parties, even if the methods aren't always used.

probity.org promotes an 'open declaration' scheme by publicly registering the cryptographic hash of a document. The registration servers secure their own data by cross-registering with each other. This fixes the order of registration events in the server realm. Registrands can later demonstrate that only they could have produced the registration event. Our Manifesto explains the ethos.

Every effort is made to ensure that the information hosted by this site is correct. No warranty as to its worth is to be inferred or implied. The spirit of probity.org is to ensure accuracy and that credit is given where it is due. Please contact us if you find anything obscure, wrong or misleading.

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