Pervasive Systems Centre Electrocnic and Computer Systems, University of Southampton


Learn how to set up StreetlightSim

Note: This guide assumes that you have successfully installed OMNeT++, else an official installation guide can be found at here.

Step 1:  Launch the OMNeT++ and select File -> Import from the menu bar.


Step 2:  Select "Existing Projects into Workspace", then click the "Next" button.


Step 3:  Opt for "Select archive file" and locate the downloaded StreetlightSim using the "Browse..." button.  Make sure that the mixim project is checked then click the "Finish" button.


Step 4:  Check for "StreetlightSim" folder under "mixim" project.


Final step:  Select Project -> Build All from menu bar or press Ctrl+B to build the project.