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WPBench: A Benchmark for Evaluating the Client-side Performance of Web 2.0 Applications

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In this paper, a benchmark called WPBench is reported to evaluate the responsiveness of Web browsers for modern Web 2.0 applications. In WPBench, variations of servers and networks are removed and the benchmark result is the closest to what Web users would perceive. To achieve these, WPBench records users’ interactions with typical Web 2.0 applications, and then replays Web navigations when benchmarking browsers. The replay mechanism can emulate the actual user interactions and the characteristics of the servers and the networks in a consistent way independent of browsers so that any browser compliant to the standards can be benchmarked fairly. In addition to describing the design and generation of WPBench, we also report the WPBench comparison results on the responsiveness performance for three popular Web browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

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