Labelling medicines - ESRC Festival of Social Sciences

Have you ever thought about the role that animals play in producing new medicines? Want to try a creative way of thinking about this topic?

Please join us for an ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2020 event, led by Dr Pru Hobson-West, Associate Professor, and Renelle McGlacken, PhD student, School of Sociology and Social Policy.

The medicines we take every day are developed and tested using animals in laboratories. Some have argued that medicines should be labelled as ‘tested on animals’. This free online event is designed to create a space to think about this question together, and to explore what the consequences might be if medicines were labelled in this way.

The topic of animal research has created lots of ethical and scientific discussion. In this online session we will introduce our research programme which takes a social scientific approach to try and understand this interesting debate. During the session you will also be given the opportunity to design your own label (all you need is a pen or pencil and a piece of paper). After the event you may even get the chance to see your own design turned into a unique piece of art for you to keep!

We would like to stress that everyone is welcome, and that all views and perspectives will be respected and valued. This event is aimed at non-academics. To sign up please click here