A new virus is ravaging the planet, infecting animals and humans at a worrying rate; we welcome you to BioCore, a medical research facility tasked with managing this crisis and finding an immunisation to protect our planet.

Working as part of a team and against rival labs, you will be guided by our Artificial Intelligence System to decide the most effective and ethical way forward, but time is short and lives are on the line...

Vector is an interactive experience, which uses elements of performance, game and integrated technology to open up dialogue and shed light on the ethics that society faces when using animals as part of medical research.

The experience is free but booking is essential:


Niamos Radical Arts & Centre

Warwick Street Manchester

M15 5EU

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Vector is a public engagement project that has been created by the Animal Research Nexus, in partnership with interactive and immersive performance makers The Lab Collective

This project is funded by the Wellcome Trust, and generously supported by Mixed Reality Platform, Conducttr.

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