Wildlife research by citizen scientists: The nuts and bolts of animal regulation (Oxford Museum of Natural History)

Citizen science is a fundamental contributor to wildlife research in the UK but its regulation can be complex. In the UK, for example, wildlife research can be regulated by several pieces of different legislation, which may lead to misunderstandings in training requirements and difficulties in assessing animal welfare. In identifying regulations that apply to citizen science projects, each can require an appropriate assessment of animal welfare. This assumes a greater importance when, for example, techniques are required that necessitate the use of tracking devices. Even deciding if research is regulated can at times be less than straightforward.

This panel discussion will consider the regulation of animal research by citizen scientists with a particular focus on birds. We will consider more broadly what defines ‘citizen science’, whether the definition is shared between different research partners and whether it matters when building relationships between them. Join us for an evening of stimulating discussion and debate with scientists, citizen scientists, and key stakeholders in wildlife research and welfare.

This event draws on research on POLEs undertaken by the Oxford Species & Spaces team. It is part of the ERSC Festival of Social Science and hosted by the Oxford Museum of Natural History, 7:30-9pm, 6th November 2019. Sign up for the event here.