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Vector is an immersive theatre experience that tasks participants with ethically reviewing the use of animal models in vaccine development.


Blog entry

Written by: Emma Roe

At the closing ‘Researching Animal Research’ conference, we were delighted to bring together a set of diverse speakers to discuss perspectives on using creative methods for thinking about animal research.

Written by: Bentley Crudgington, Gail Davies

Vector is an interactive experience, which uses elements of performance, game, and integrated technology to open up dialogue about the ethical dilemmas of using animals as part of medical research.

Written by: Bentley Crudgington

When you build a world you have the luxury (and burden) of designing everything within it.


A new virus is ravaging the planet, infecting animals and humans at a worrying rate; we welcome you to BioCore, a medical research facility tasked with managing this crisis and finding an immunisation to protect our planet.


We are delighted to announce that Vector has been selected as a finalist for  Falling Walls Science Breakthroughs of the Year 2021 in the category Science Engagement. 

Project partners

The Lab Collective create interactive, visceral live experiences; treading the line between theatre, game and installation, The Lab Collective empower the audience to collaborate in our performances.