Renelle McGlacken

Renelle completed her PhD in the University of Nottingham's School of Sociology and Social Policy in 2021. As part of the Animal Research Nexus, she analysed writings from the Mass Observation Project, a national life-writing project in the UK, to explore how animal research is related to in everyday life. The thesis troubled notions of 'public opinion' as a phenomenon which can be objectively measured, monitored, and correlated with levels of support or opposition and instead emphasised the contingency and complexity of understandings of animal research.

After her PhD, Renelle focused on relations between publics and animal research professionals. She was particularly interested in imaginations of laboratory professionals and publics, representations of laboratory professionals in public-facing materials, and themes of trust, accountability, advocacy, and solidarity. Most importantly, this project provided further possibilities to help foster public dialogue around animal research which is meaningful for both those who work in the field and wider publics.

In 2023, Renelle started a new role as Senior Scientific officer in the RSPCA's Animals in Science Department. Renelle's role will examine sociocultural barriers to, and opportunities for, increasing the uptake and acceptance of non-animal alternatives in scientific research.