From Is to Ought: Another Way

Post, John F. (2000) From Is to Ought: Another Way. (Unpublished)

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Argues for an objective protomoral normativity in terms of what an adaptation is for, without falling victim to Hume's Law, open-question arguments, queerness arguments, and internalism/externalism debates. Also provides a general strategy for naturalizing objective moral normativity which is likewise proof against the usual-suspect objections.

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Keywords:individualism, supervenience, reduction, open question, queerness, objective normativity, objective value, tit-for-tat, golden rule altruism, meta-ethics, adaptation, function, design, naturalism, Darwin, Kitcher, Brandon, Millikan, Mackie, Moore, Plantinga, Searle, Boyd, Horgan, Timmons
Subjects:Philosophy > Ethics
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Deposited On:06 Jan 2001
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