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Bartlett, Dr. Steven James (2017) The Objectivity of Truth, Morality, and Beauty.

Dorenbosch, Drs. M.M. (2015) The Idea of Will. [Preprint]

Situngkir, Hokky (2011) The Moral of Politics Constitutes Ideological Perspectives. [Departmental Technical Report]

Situngkir, Hokky (2011) Happiness: Between What We Want and What We Need. [Departmental Technical Report]

Bhattacharyya, Mr. Sahon (2011) Intelligent Agents in Military, Defense and Warfare: Ethical Issues and Concerns. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Thomas, Professor Laurence (2011) "Friendship". To appear in the Encyclopedia of Applied Ethics. [Preprint]

Lenferna, Mr G. Alexandre (2010) Singer Revisited: Cosmopolitanism, Global Poverty and Our Ethical Requirements. [Journal (Paginated)] (In Press)

Kirsh, Dr. Marvin/E. (2010) Uniqueness, Self belonging and Intercourse in Nature. [Book Chapter]

Mate, Davide and Carpaneto, Alberto and Tirassa, Corrado and Brizio, Adelina and Rezzonico, Raffaele and Brassesco, Barbara and Surra, Fabio and Rabellino, Daniela and Tirassa, Maurizio (2010) Opening the black box: How staff training and development may affect the innovation of enterprises. [Conference Paper]

Kirsh, Dr. Marvin/E. (2010) A Model for the Rehabilitation of Witness Perspective-The Path of Knowledge:The Knowledge of Path. [Preprint]

Dobra, Alexandra (2010) Rawls’ two principles of justice: their adoption by rational self-interested individuals. In A Theory of Justice. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Stewart, John E (2009) The meaning of life in a developing universe. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Mangena, Dr. Fainos (2009) "Beings of a life-span are equal: Rebutting Singer's sentience and Naess' deep ecology criteria for moral standing.". [Preprint]

Krellenstein, Dr. Marc (2009) A modern nihilism. [Preprint]

Alexander, Mr James (2009) Conversations on the Search for a ‘Physics & Chemistry – an Alchemy’ of Innovation - Reward Systems. [Preprint]

Lakhan, Shaheen E and Khurana, Meenakshi K (2008) Intellectual property, copyright, and fair use in education. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Evola, Vito (2008) How Body and Soul Interact with the Spiritual Mind. [Conference Paper]

Evola, Vito (2008) Multimodal Semiotics of Spiritual Experiences: Representing Beliefs, Metaphors, and Actions. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Vinson, Norman G. and Singer, Janice A. (2008) A Practical Guide to Ethical Research Involving Humans. [Book Chapter]

Evola, Vito (2007) Cognitive Linguistics and the Evolution of Body and Soul in the Western World: from Ancient Hebrew to Modern English. [Conference Poster]

Bouville, Mathieu (2007) Should there be more women in science and engineering? (Unpublished)

Situngkir, Hokky (2006) What can we do with the Research Institute for Social Complexity Sciences in Indonesia? [Departmental Technical Report]

Thomas, Professor Laurence (2006) Abortion and Moral Repugnancy. [Preprint]

Evola, Vito (2006) St. Paul's Error: The Semantic Changes of BODY and SOUL in the Western World. [Conference Paper]

Morin, Edgar (2006) Restricted Complexity, General Complexity. [Book Chapter] (In Press)

Bouville, Mathieu (2006) Should there be more women in science and engineering? (Unpublished)

Thomas, Laurence (2005) Morality and a Meaningful Life. [Preprint]

Thomas, Laurence (2004) Moral Equality and Natural Inferiority. [Preprint]

Till, James E. (2004) Cancer-related electronic support groups as navigation-aids: Overcoming geographic barriers. [Journal (Paginated)]

Vinson, Norman G. and Singer, Janice A. (2004) Consent Issues Raised by Observational Research in Organisations. [Newspaper/Magazine Article]

Thomas, Laurence (2004) Dr. Laura: Ruminations from a Listener. [Departmental Technical Report] (Unpublished)

Bolender, Asst. Prof. John (2004) Two Accounts of Moral Diversity: The Cognitive Science of Pluralism and Absolutism. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Thomas, Laurence (2003) Equality and the Mantra of Diversity. [Preprint]

Thomas, Laurence (2003) Equality and the Mantra of Diversity. [Preprint]

Laurence, Thomas (2003) L'Avortement: Entre La Liberté et La Vie. [Preprint]

Thomas, Professor Laurence (2003) Autonomy, Behavior, & Moral Goodness. (Unpublished)

Thomas, Professor Laurence (2003) Autonom, Behavior, & Moral Goodness. (Unpublished)

Knobe, Joshua (2003) Intentional Action in Folk Psychology: An Experimental Investigation. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)] (In Press)

Thomas, Prof Laurence (2003) Upside-Down Equality: A Response to Kantian Thought. [Book Chapter] (In Press)

Thomas, Prof Laurence (2003) Upside-Down Equality: A Response to Kantian Thought. [Book Chapter] (In Press)

Thomas, Prof Laurence (2003) Upside-Down Equality: A Response to Kantian Thought. [Book Chapter] (In Press)

Singer, Janice A. and Vinson, Norman G. (2002) Ethical Issues in Empirical Studies of Software Engineering. [Journal (Paginated)]

Thomas, Laurence (2002) The Morally Obnoxious Comparisons of Evil: American Slavery and the Holocuast. [Book Chapter]

Krellenstein, Marc (2001) What have we learned from evolutionary psychology? [Preprint]

Allen, Colin (2001) Cognitive Relatives and Moral Relations. [Book Chapter] (In Press)

Vinson, Norman G and Singer, Janice (2001) Getting to the Source of Ethical Issues. [Journal (Paginated)]

Vincent, Nicole (2001) What is at stake in taking responsibility? Lessons from third-party property insurance. [Journal (Paginated)] (In Press)

Singer, Janice and Vinson, Norman G (2001) Why and how research ethics matters to you, yes YOU! [Journal (Paginated)]

Post, John F. (2000) From Is to Ought: Another Way. (Unpublished)

Carruthers, Peter (1999) Sympathy and subjectivity. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

Humphrey, Nicholas (1998) What shall we tell the children? [Book Chapter]

Humphrey, Nicholas (1997) Varieties of altruism - and the common ground between them. [Journal (Paginated)]

Eliasmith, C. and Thagard, P. (1997) Waves, Particles, and Explanatory Coherence. [Journal (Paginated)]

Morton, Adam (1996) Default Assumptions of Good Behavior. [Preprint]

Moffat, D. and Frijda, N.H. and Phaf, R.H. (1993) Analysis of a computer model of emotions. [Book Chapter]

Gobbo, Dr Federico (0013) Programma TFA Informatica di Base AA 2012-3. [Departmental Technical Report] (Unpublished)

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