Conversations on the Search for a ‘Physics & Chemistry – an Alchemy’ of Innovation - Reward Systems.

Alexander, Mr James (2009) Conversations on the Search for a ‘Physics & Chemistry – an Alchemy’ of Innovation - Reward Systems. [Preprint]

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Bruno Latour in “How to evaluate innovation” develops a fairly simple well argumented procedure based upon the experimental sciences which may prove valuable to all. Latour suggests that the scientific method should be applied not only by scientists but even more so by major decision makers especially politician. Doing one's best and working for the better are some of the the questions discussed in this paper. Some of Latour's concepts are clarified by translation to simple graphical models. Models for failure MTBF-mean time between failure - are playfully, creatively transformed into models for success. In spite of the many serious issues discussed,this paper hopefully remains light-hearted in its style and approach.

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Additional Information:Use of Humour in creativity, Aims to make light reading, Original short poems on science colour descriptions and concepts. This is the only full revised version complete with figures, images and posters. Previous versions have I believe a draft or preprint status.
Keywords:Scientific Method, Generalized Applications, Politics, Simple Models, KISS, Classical Innovation Model, Idealised Innovation Model, Project Management and Job Search Analogy, Bath-tube model (MTBF), Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), Failure Model, Model for Success. Cognitive Management, Knowledge Management, Decision Analysis,
Subjects:Psychology > Applied Cognitive Psychology
Philosophy > Ethics
Philosophy > Philosophy of Science
Philosophy > Decision Theory
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