Is the monkeys' world scientifically impenetrable?

Dittrich, Winand (1992) Is the monkeys' world scientifically impenetrable? [Journal (Paginated)]

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Cheney & Seyfarth (C&S) argue for a hybrid approach which 'place (empiricistic findings) tentatively within the framework of a more mentalistic approach'(p.9). The book is an important contribution to clarify the value and limits of the intentional approach in interpreting monkey behaviour, particularly C&S's excellent field work with vervets. But, unintentionally, it also demonstrates that cognitive science is more a perspective than a scientific discipline. In order to illustrate this, I shall consider the following topics: evolution of intelligence, concept formation, philosophy of science

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Keywords:primatology, philosophy, mind, intelligence, concepts, communication, intentionality, monkeys
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