Global Dynamics: a new concept for design of dynamical behavior

Yamamoto, Tomoyuki and Kuniyoshi, Yasuo (2002) Global Dynamics: a new concept for design of dynamical behavior. [Conference Poster]

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The global dynamics, a novel concept for design of human/humanoid behavior is proposed. The principle of this concept is to exploit the body dynamics and apply control input only where it is necessary. Within the phase space of the body dynamics, there are many stable and unstable mani-folds coexist. Then if we analysed its structure and obtained a map in sufficient resolution, it may be possible to realise a motion by exploiting stable regions for reducing control input and unstable regions for switching between stable regions. Also, we expect an emergence of symbols within the dynamics, as the series of points where control input should be adopted. This feature realises higher level description and makes adaptation behavior easier. We are studying from two aspects, the motion capture experiment and dynamical simulation of simple elastic robot. The former supports that above assumption and the latter supports the exploiting the dynamical stability is useful.

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Keywords:global dynamics, phase space, adaptation behavior
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Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science > Robotics
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