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Menant, Mr Christophe (2012) Turing Test, Chinese Room Argument, Symbol Grounding Problem. Meanings in Artificial Agents. [Conference Paper]

Romero Lopez, Dr Oscar Javier (2011) An evolutionary behavioral model for decision making. [Journal (Paginated)]

Bhattacharyya, Mr. Sahon (2011) Intelligent Agents in Military, Defense and Warfare: Ethical Issues and Concerns. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Harnad, Stevan (2011) Doing, Feeling, Meaning And Explaining. [Conference Paper]

Harnad, Stevan (2011) Minds, Brains and Turing. [Conference Paper]

Vigo, Professor Ronaldo (2011) Representational information: a new general notion and measure of information. [Journal (Paginated)]

Carstens, Mr. Lucas and Schächtle, Mr. Ulrich and Salisbury, Mrs. Clarissa M. and Eimler, Mrs. Sabrina C. and von der Pütten, Mrs. Astrid M. and Krämer, Prof.Dr. Nicole C. (2010) Folge dem weißen Kaninchen –Ein Roboterhase als Vokabeltrainer. [Conference Poster] (Unpublished)

Eimler, Mrs. Sabrina C. and Ganster, Mrs. Tina and von der Pütten, Mrs. Astrid M. and Krämer, Prof.Dr. Nicole C. (2010) Lass die Ohren nicht hängen! Eine Studie zur Wirkung der Ohrensprache eines Kommunikationsroboters in Hasenform. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Payr, Sabine (2010) Closing and Closure in Human-Companion Interactions: Analyzing Video Data from a Field Study. [Conference Paper]

Heylen, Dirk and Krenn, Brigitte and Payr, Sabine (2010) Companions, Virtual Butlers, Assistive Robots: Empirical and Theoretical Insights for Building Long-Term Social Relationships. [Departmental Technical Report]

Menant, Mr Christophe (2010) Grounding of Meaning in Sensori-Motor Process. [Conference Poster] (Unpublished)

Alicea, Bradly (2009) Natural Variation and Neuromechanical Systems. [Preprint]

Menant, Mr Christophe (2009) Sensorimotor process with constraint satisfaction. Grounding of meaning. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Wallace, Rodrick (2009) Dysfunctions of highly parallel real-time machines as 'developmental disorders': Security concerns and a Caveat Emptor. [Preprint]

Vigo , Dr. Ronaldo (2009) Modal Similarity. [Journal (Paginated)]

Tikhanoff, Vadim and Cangelosi, Angelo and Fitzpatrick, Paul and Metta, Giorgio and Natale, Lorenzo and Nori, Francesco (2008) An Open-Source Simulator for Cognitive Robotics Research: The Prototype of the iCub Humanoid Robot Simulator. [Book Chapter]

Cangelosi, Prof Angelo and Massera, Gianluca and Nolfi, Stefano (2007) Evolution of Prehension Ability in an Anthropomorphic Neurorobotic Arm. [Journal (Paginated)]

Malafouris, Dr Lambros (2007) At the Potter’s Wheel: An Argument for Material Agency. [Book Chapter]

Oudeyer, Pierre-Yves and Kaplan, Frédéric and Hafner, Véréna (2007) Intrinsic Motivation Systems for Autonomous Mental Development. [Journal (Paginated)]

Harnad, Stevan (2006) The Annotation Game: On Turing (1950) on Computing, Machinery, and Intelligence. [Book Chapter] (In Press)

Wang, Mr. L. (2006) Asimov's Coming Back. (Unpublished)

Wallace, Rodrick (2006) New mathematical foundations for AI and Alife: Are the necessary conditions for animal consciousness sufficient for the design of intelligent machines? [Preprint]

Oudeyer, Dr. P-Y. (2006) Discovering Communication. [Journal (Paginated)]

De Nardi, Renzo and Togelius, Julian and Holland, Owen and Lucas, Simon M. (2006) Evolution of Neural Networks for Helicopter Control: Why Modularity Matters. [Conference Paper]

Menant, Christophe (2006) Evolution of Representations and Intersubjectivity as sources of the Self. An Introduction to the Nature of Self-Consciousness. [Conference Poster] (Unpublished)

Menant, Christophe (2006) Evolution of Representations. From Basic Life to Self-Representation and Self-Consciousness. [Conference Poster] (Unpublished)

De Nardi, Renzo and Holland, Owen (2006) SwarMAV: A Swarm of Miniature Aerial Vehicles. [Conference Paper]

De nardi, Renzo and Holland, Owen (2006) UltraSwarm: A Further Step Towards a Flock of Miniature Helicopters. [Conference Paper]

Harnad, Stevan (2005) Cognition is categorization. [Book Chapter]

Andry, Pierre and Gaussier, Philippe and Nadel, Jacqueline (2005) Autonomous learning and reproduction of complex sequences: a multimodal architecture for bootstraping imitation games. [Conference Paper]

Holland, Owen and Woods, John and De Nardi, Renzo and Clarck, Adrian (2005) Beyond swarm intelligence: The Ultraswarm. [Conference Paper]

Huang, Xiao and Weng, Juyang (2005) Covert Perceptual Capability Development. [Conference Paper]

Veskos, Paschalis and Demiris, Yiannis (2005) Developmental acquisition of entrainment skills in robot swinging using van der Pol oscillators. [Conference Paper]

Olsson, Lars and Nehaniv, Chrystopher L. and Polani, Daniel (2005) Discovering Motion Flow by Temporal-Informational Correlations in Sensors. [Conference Paper]

Harnad, Stevan (2005) Distributed Processes, Distributed Cognizers and Collaborative Cognition. [Journal (Paginated)] (In Press)

Goldfield, Eugene C. (2005) Dynamical Systems Approach to Infant Motor Development: Implications for Epigenetic Robotics. [Conference Paper]

Sun, Ganghua and Scassellati, Brian (2005) Exploiting Vestibular Output during Learning Results in Naturally Curved Reaching Trajectories. [Conference Paper]

Prepin, Ken and Gaussier, Philippe and Revel, Arnaud and Nadel, Jacqueline (2005) A formal approach of developmental robotics and psychology. [Conference Poster]

Blanchard, Arnaud J. and Canamero, Lola (2005) From Imprinting to Adaptation: Building a History of Affective Interaction. [Conference Paper]

Demiris, Yiannis and Dearden, Anthony (2005) From motor babbling to hierarchical learning by imitation: a robot developmental pathway. [Conference Paper]

Miyamoto, Emi and Lee, Mingyi and Fujii, Hiroyuki and Okada, Michio (2005) How can robots facilitate social interaction of children with autism?: Possible implications for educational environments. [Conference Poster]

Menant, Christophe (2005) Information and Meaning in Life, Humans and Robots. [Conference Paper]

Berthouze, Luc and Kaplan, Frederic (2005) Introduction: The Fifth International Workshop on Epigenetic Robotics. [Conference Paper]

Konczak, Jürgen (2005) On the notion of motor primitives in humans and robots. [Conference Paper]

Prince, Christopher and Helder, Nathan and Hollich, George (2005) Ongoing Emergence: A Core Concept in Epigenetic Robotics. [Conference Paper]

Aryananda, Lijin (2005) Out in the World: What Did The Robot Hear And See? [Conference Poster]

Natsuki, Oka and Mitsuyoshi, Ozaka (2005) A Platform for Education in ‘Interaction Design for Adaptive Robots’. [Conference Poster]

Hattori, Yuya and Kozima, Hideki and Komatani, Kazunori and Ogata, Tetsuya and Okuno, Hiroshi G. (2005) Robot Gesture Generation from Environmental Sounds Using Inter-modality Mapping. [Conference Poster]

Mirza, Naeem A. and Nehaniv, Chrystopher and te Boekhorst, Rene and Dautenhahn, Kerstin (2005) Robot Self-Characterisation of Experience Using Trajectories in Sensory-Motor Phase Space. [Conference Poster]

Metta, Giorgio and Vernon, David and Sandini, Giulio (2005) The RobotCub Approach to the Development of Cognition. [Conference Paper]

Clowes, Robert and Morse, Anthony F. (2005) Scaffolding Cognition with Words. [Conference Paper]

Baillie, Jean-Christophe and Nottale, Matthieu (2005) Segmentation Stability: a Key Component for Joint Attention. [Conference Poster]

Bredeche, Nicolas and Hugues, Louis (2005) Speeding up Learning with Dynamic Environment Shaping in Evolutionary Robotics. [Conference Poster]

Torres-Jara, Eduardo and Natale, Lorenzo and Fitzpatrick, Paul (2005) Tapping into Touch. [Conference Paper]

Vitay, Julien (2005) Towards Teaching a Robot to Count Objects. [Conference Paper]

Scassellati, Brian (2005) Using social robots to study abnormal social development. [Conference Paper]

Stocker, Dr. Alan (2004) Integrated 2-D Optical Flow Sensor. [Preprint]

Rattenberger, Juergen and Poelz, Patrick M. and Prem, Erich and Hart, Emma and Webb, Andrew and Ross, Peter (2004) Artifical Immune Networks for Robot Control. [Conference Poster]

Yoshikawa, Yuichiro and Hosoda, Koh and Asada, Minoru (2004) Binding tactile and visual sensations via unique association by cross-anchoring between double-touching and self-occlusion. [Conference Paper]

Kaplan, Frederic and Hafner, Verena (2004) The Challenges of Joint Attention. [Conference Paper]

Arsenio, Artur (2004) Children, Humanoid Robots and Caregivers. [Conference Paper]

Fitzpatrick, Paul (2004) The DayOne project: how far can a robot develop in 24 hours? [Conference Paper]

Chen, Yi and Weng, Juyang (2004) Developmental Learning: A Case Study in Understanding “Object Permanence”. [Conference Paper]

Dominey, Peter Ford and Boucher, Jean-David (2004) Developmental Stages of Perception and Language Acquisition in a Perceptually Grounded Robot. [Conference Paper]

Olsson, Lars and Nehaniv, Chrystopher L. and Polani, Daniel (2004) The Effects on Visual Information in a Robot in Environments with Oriented Contours. [Conference Paper]

De Vylder, Bart and Jansen, Bart and Belpaeme, Tony (2004) Embodied cognition through cultural interaction. [Conference Poster]

Fitzpatrick, Paul and Arsenio, Artur (2004) Feel the beat: using cross-modal rhythm to integrate perception of objects, others, and self. [Conference Paper]

Baillie, Jean-Christophe (2004) Grounding Symbols in Perception with two Interacting Autonomous Robots. [Conference Paper]

Marom, Yuval and Haynes, Gillian (2004) Influencing Robot Learning Through Design and Social Interactions: A Balancing Framework. [Conference Paper]

Oudeyer, Pierre-Yves (2004) Intelligent Adaptive Curiosity: a source of Self-Development. [Conference Paper]

Berthouze, Luc and Metta, Giorgio (2004) Introduction: The Fourth International Workshop on Epigenetic Robotics. [Conference Paper]

Weber, Cornelius and Elshaw, Mark and Zochios, Alex and Wermter, Stefan (2004) A Multimodal Hierarchial Approach to Robot Learning by Imitation. [Conference Paper]

Driancourt, Remi (2004) An Ontogenetic Model of Perceptual Organization for a developmental Robot. [Conference Paper]

MacDorman, Karl F. and Chalodhorn, Rawichote and Ishiguro, Hiroshi and Asada, Minoru (2004) Protosymbols that integrate recognition and response. [Conference Paper]

D’Este, Claire (2004) Sharing Meaning with Machines. [Conference Paper]

Gomez, Gabriel and Lungarella, Max and Eggenberger Hotz, Peter and Matsushita, Kojiro and Pfeifer, Rolf (2004) Simulating development in a real robot: on the concurrent increase of sensory, motor, and neural complexity. [Conference Paper]

Yamamoto, Tomoyuki and Fujinami, Tsutomu (2004) Synchronisation and Differentiation: Two Stages of Coordinative Structure. [Conference Paper]

Le Hy, R and Arrigoni, A and Bessiere, Dr P and Lebeltel, Dr O (2004) Teaching Bayesian Behaviours to Video Game Characters. [Journal (Paginated)]

Stoytchev, Alexander (2004) Toward a Behavior-Grounded Representation of Tool Affordances. [Conference Poster]

Togelius, Mr Julian (2003) Evolution of the layers in a subsumption architecture robot controller. [Thesis]

Harnad, Stevan (2003) There is no Concrete (or: Living Within One's Means). [Preprint]

Clowes, Robert (2003) Action Oriented Adaptive Language Games. [Conference Poster]

Vogt, Paul (2003) Anchoring of semiotic symbols. [Journal (Paginated)]

Vogt, Paul (2003) Anchoring symbols to sensorimotor control. [Conference Paper]

Bellot, Dr D and Bessiere, Dr P (2003) Approximate Discrete Probability Distribution Representation using a Multi-ResolutionBinary Tree. [Conference Paper]

Coue, C and Pradalier, C and Laugier, C (2003) Bayesian Programming Multi-Target Tracking: an Automotive Application. [Conference Paper]

Lungarella, Max and Metta, Giogio (2003) Beyond Gazing, Pointing, and Reaching: A Survey of Developmental Robotics. [Conference Paper]

Harnad, Stevan (2003) Can a machine be conscious? How? [Journal (Paginated)]

Harnad, Stevan (2003) Can a machine be conscious? How? [Journal (Paginated)]

Ogata, Tetsuya and Masago, Noritaka and Sugano, Shigeki and Tani, Jun (2003) Collaboration Development through Interactive Learning between Human and Robot. [Conference Paper]

Stocker, Dr. Alan (2003) Compact Integrated Transconductance Amplifier Circuit for Temporal Differentiation. [Conference Paper]

Poelz, Patrick M. and Prem, Erich (2003) Concept Acquisition Using Isomap on Sensorimotor Experiences of a Mobiole Robot. [Conference Poster]

Chella, Antonio (2003) Conceptual Spaces and Robotic Emotions. [Conference Poster]

Zhang, Yilu and Weng, Juyang (2003) Conjunctive Visual and Auditory Development via Real-Time Dialogue. [Conference Paper]

Yoshikawa, Yuichiro and Koga, Junpei and Asada, Minoru and Hosoda, Koh (2003) A Constructive Model of Mother-Infant Interaction towards Infant’s Vowel Articulation. [Conference Paper]

Stoytchev, Alexander (2003) Development and Extension of the Robot Body Schema. [Conference Poster]

Andry, Pierre and Gaussier, Philippe and Nadel, Jacqueline and Courant, Michele (2003) A Developmental Approach for low-level Imitations. [Conference Poster]

Grupen, Roderic A. (2003) A Developmental Organization for Robot Behavior. [Conference Paper]

Abe, Mamiko and Yamamoto, Tomoyuki and Fujinami, Tsutomu (2003) A Dynamical Analysis of Kneading Using a Motion Capture Device. [Conference Paper]

Pradalier, C and Colas, F and Bessiere, P (2003) Expressing Bayesian Fusion as a Product of Distributions: Application in Robotics. [Conference Paper]

Pradalier, C and Colas, F and Bessiere, P (2003) Expressing Bayesian Fusion as a Product of Distributions: Application to Randomized Hough Transform. [Conference Paper]

Berkowitz, Eric and Brian, Mastenbrook (2003) Grounded Concept Development Using Introspective Atoms. [Conference Paper]

Vogt, Paul (2003) Grounded lexicon formation without explicit reference transfer: who's talking to who? [Conference Poster] (In Press)

Nagai, Yukie and Hosoda, Koh and Asada, Minoru (2003) How does an infant acquire the ability of joint attention?: A Constructive Approach. [Conference Paper]

Burns, Brendan and Sutton, Charles and Morrison, Clayton and Cohen, Paul (2003) Information Theory and Representation in Associative Word Learning. [Conference Paper]

Stojanov, Georgi and Kulakov, Andrea (2003) Interactivist approach to representation in epigenetic agents. [Conference Paper]

Berthouze, Luc and Prince, Christopher G. (2003) Introduction: The Third International Conference on Epigenetic Robotics. [Conference Paper]

Vogt, Paul (2003) Iterated learning and grounding: from holistic to compositional languages. [Conference Paper] (In Press)

Berkowitz, Eric (2003) Modeling Human Infant Learning in Embodied Artificial Entities to Produce Grounded Concepts. [Conference Poster]

Kaplan, Frederic and Oudeyer, Pierre-Yves (2003) Motivational principles for visual know-how development. [Conference Paper]

Koike, C and Pradalier, C and Bessiere, P and Mazer, E (2003) Obstacle Avoidance and Proscriptive Bayesian Programming. [Conference Paper]

Driancourt, Remi (2003) Perceptual Abstraction for Robotic Cognitive Development. [Conference Poster]

Bessiere, Dr P (2003) Probabilistic Methodology and Techniques for Artefact Conception and Development. [Departmental Technical Report]

Koike, C and Pradalier, C and Bessiere, P and Mazer, E (2003) Proscriptive Bayesian Programming Application for Collision Avoidance. [Conference Paper]

Roy, Deb (2003) Robots, language, and meaning. [Conference Paper]

Serkhane, J and Schwartz, J-L and Bessiere, P (2003) Simulating Vocal Imitation in Infants, using a Growth Articulatory Model and Speech Robotics. [Conference Paper]

Yang, Li and Jabri, Marwan (2003) Sparse visual models for biologically inspired sensorimotor control. [Conference Paper]

Diard, J and Bessiere, P and Mazer, E (2003) A Survey of Probabilistic Models Using the Bayesian Programming Methodology as a Unifying Framework. [Conference Paper]

Harnad, Stevan (2003) Symbol-Grounding Problem. [Book Chapter] (In Press)

Vogt, Paul (2003) THSim v3.2: The Talking Heads simulation tool. [Conference Paper] (In Press)

Kleinsmith, Andrea and Bianchi-Berthouze, Nadia (2003) Towards Learning Affective Body Gesture. [Conference Poster]

Paquier, Williams and Do Huu, Nicolas and Chatila, Raja (2003) A Unified Model For Developmental Robotics. [Conference Poster]

Coue, C and Fraichard, T and Bessiere, P and Mazer, E (2003) Using Bayesian Programming for Multisensor Multi-Target Tracking in Automative Applications. [Conference Paper]

Seth, Anil K. and McKinstry, Jeffrey L. and Edelman, Gerald M. and Krichmar, Jeffrey L. (2003) Visual binding, reentry, and neuronal synchrony in a physically situated brain-based device. [Conference Poster]

Pollick, Frank E. and Hale, Joshua G. and McAleer, Phil (2003) Visual Perception of Humanoid Movement. [Conference Paper]

Gergely, György (2003) What should a robot learn from an infant? Mechanisms of action interpretation and observational learning in infancy. [Conference Paper]

Arsenio, Artur and Fitzpatrick, Paul and Kemp, Charles C. and Metta, Giorgio (2003) The Whole World in Your Hand: Active and Interactive Segmentation. [Conference Paper]

Lungarella, Max and Berthouze, Dr Luc (2002) Adaptivity through alternate freeing and freezing of degrees of freedom. [Conference Paper]

Lungarella, Max and Berthouze, Luc (2002) Adaptivity through Physical Immaturity. [Conference Paper]

Varshavskaya, Paulina (2002) Behavior-Based Early Language Development on a Humanoid Robot. [Conference Paper]

Metta, Giorgio and Fitzpatrick, Paul (2002) Better Vision Through Manipulation. [Conference Paper]

Yoshikawa, Yuichiro and Kawanishi, Hiroyoshi and Asada, Minoru and Hosoda, Koh (2002) Body Scheme Acquisition by Cross Modal Map Learning among Tactile, Visual, and Proprioceptive Spaces. [Conference Poster]

Trevarthen, Colwyn (2002) Can a Robot Hear Music? Can a Robot Dance? Can a Robot Tell What it Knows or Intendes to Do? Can it Feel Pride or Shame in Company? -- Questions of the Nature of Human Vitality. [Conference Poster]

Weng, Juyang and Zhang, Yilu (2002) Developmental Robots - A New Paradigm. [Conference Paper]

Kozima, Hideki and Nakagawa, Cocoro and Yano, Hiroyuki (2002) Emergence of imitation mediated by objects. [Conference Poster]

Andry, Pierre and Gaussier, Philippe and Nadel, Jacqueline (2002) From Visuo-Motor Development to Low-level Imitation. [Conference Paper]

Nakata, Toru (2002) Generation of Whole-Body Expressive Movement Based on Somatical Theories. [Conference Paper]

Yamamoto, Tomoyuki and Kuniyoshi, Yasuo (2002) Global Dynamics: a new concept for design of dynamical behavior. [Conference Poster]

Choi, Ben and Chen, Yanbing (2002) Humanoid Motion Description Language. [Conference Poster]

stocker, alan (2002) An improved 2D optical flow sensor for motion segmentation. [Conference Paper]

Ogawa, Akitoshi and Omori, Takashi (2002) Looking for a suitable strategy for each problem - Multiple tasks approach to navigation learning task. [Conference Paper]

Dickerson, Paul (2002) Looking like a human: How conversation analytic work on gaze direction in human interaction can be relevant for design and analysis of robotic interaction. [Conference Poster]

Huang, Xiao and Weng, John (2002) Novelty and Reinforcement Learning in the Value System of Developmental Robots. [Conference Paper]

Vogt, Paul (2002) The physical symbol grounding problem. [Journal (Paginated)]

Nehmzow, Ulrich (2002) Physically Embedded Genetic Algorithm Learning in Multi-Robot Scenarios: The PEGA algorithm. [Conference Paper]

Hillenbrand, Dr. Ulrich and Hirzinger, Prof. Dr. Gerd (2002) Probabilistic Search for Object Segmentation and Recognition. [Conference Paper]

Lindblom, Jessica and Ziemke, Tom (2002) Social Situatedness: Vygotsky and Beyond. [Conference Paper]

Kulakov, Andrea and Stojanov, Georgi (2002) Structures, inner values, hierarchies and stages: essentials for developmental robot architectures. [Conference Paper]

Marom, Yuval and Maistros, George and Hayes, Gillian (2002) Towards a Mirror System for the Development of Socially-Mediated Skills. [Conference Paper]

Prince, Christopher G. and Mislivec, Eric J. and Kosolapov, Oleksandr V. and Lykken, Troy R. (2002) Towards a Theory Grounded Theory of Language. [Conference Poster] (In Press)

Warnett, Lawrence and McGonigle, Brendan (2002) Unsupervised navigation using an economy principle. [Conference Poster]

Buller, Andrzej (2002) Volitron: On a Psychodynamic Robot and Its Four Realities. [Conference Poster]

Wolff, Krister and Nordin, Peter (2002) Walking Humanoids for Robotics Research. [Conference Poster]

Florian, Razvan V. (2002) Why it is important to build robots capable of doing science. [Conference Paper]

Mekhnacha, Dr K and Mazer, Dr E and Bessiere, Dr P (2001) The Design and Implementation of a Bayesian CAD Modeler for Robotic Applications. [Journal (Paginated)]

Menant, Mr Christophe (2001) Introduction to a systemic theory of meaning. (Unpublished)

Harnad, Stevan (2001) Minds, Machines and Turing: The Indistinguishability of Indistinguishables. [Journal (Paginated)]

Prince, Christopher (2001) Theory Grounding in Embodied Artificially Intelligent Systems. [Conference Paper] (In Press)

Harnad, Stevan (2001) What's Wrong and Right About Searle's Chinese Room Argument? [Book Chapter] (In Press)

Harnad, Stevan (2001) What's Wrong and Right About Searle's Chinese Room Argument? [Book Chapter]

Lebeltel, Olivier and Bessiere, Pierre and Diard, Julien and Mazer, Emmanuel (2000) Bayesian robot Programming. [Departmental Technical Report]

Vogt, Paul (2000) Bootstrapping grounded symbols by minimal autonomous robots. [Journal (Paginated)]

Calabretta, Raffaele (2000) Duplication of modules facilitates the evolution of functional specialization. [Journal (Paginated)]

Calabretta, Raffaele and Nolfi, Stefano and Parisi, Domenico and Wagner, Gunter P. (2000) Duplication of modules facilitates the evolution of functional specialization. [Journal (Paginated)]

Mekhnacha, Dr K and Mazer, Dr E and Bessiere, Dr P (2000) A Robotic CAD System using a Bayesian Framework. [Conference Paper]

Gershenson, Carlos and Gonzalez Perez, Pedro Pablo and Negrete Martinez, Jose (2000) Thinking Adaptive: Towards a Behaviours Virtual. [Conference Poster]

Stein, Lynn Andrea (1999) Challenging the Computational Metaphor: Implications for How We Think. [Journal (Paginated)]

Billard, Aude and Hayes, Gillian (1999) DRAMA, a connectionist architecture for control and learning in autonomous robots. [Journal (Paginated)]

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van der Smagt, P. (1998) Cerebellar Control of Robot Arms. [Journal (Paginated)]

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Sloman, Aaron (1998) The evolution of what? [Preprint] (Unpublished)

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Sloman, Aaron (1998) The ``Semantics'' of Evolution: Trajectories and Trade-offs in Design Space and Niche Space. [Conference Paper] (In Press)

Sloman, A. (1998) The ``Semantics'' of Evolution: Trajectories and Trade-offs in Design Space and Niche Space. [Conference Paper] (In Press)

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Harnad, Stevan (1995) Grounding Symbolic Capacity in Robotic Capacity. [Book Chapter]

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Humphrys, Mark (1995) W-learning: A simple RL-based Society of Mind. [Preprint]

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