Obstacle Avoidance and Proscriptive Bayesian Programming

Koike, C and Pradalier, C and Bessiere, P and Mazer, E (2003) Obstacle Avoidance and Proscriptive Bayesian Programming. [Conference Paper]

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Unexpected events and not modeled properties of the robot environment are some of the challenges presented by situated robotics research field. Collision avoidance is a basic security requirement and this paper proposes a probabilistic approach called Bayesian Programming, which aims to deal with the uncertainty, imprecision and incompleteness of the information handled to solve the obstacle avoidance problem. Some examples illustrate the process of embodying the programmer preliminary knowledge into a Bayesian program and experimental results of these examples implementation in an electrical vehicle are described and commented. A video illustration of the developed experiments can be found at

Item Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:Bayesian programming, Obstacle avoidance, Command fusion
Subjects:Computer Science > Robotics
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