Ongoing Emergence: A Core Concept in Epigenetic Robotics

Prince, Christopher and Helder, Nathan and Hollich, George (2005) Ongoing Emergence: A Core Concept in Epigenetic Robotics. [Conference Paper]

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We propose ongoing emergence as a core concept in epigenetic robotics. Ongoing emergence refers to the continuous development and integration of new skills and is exhibited when six criteria are satisfied: (1) continuous skill acquisition, (2) incorporation of new skills with existing skills, (3) autonomous development of values and goals, (4) bootstrapping of initial skills, (5) stability of skills, and (6) reproducibility. In this paper we: (a) provide a conceptual synthesis of ongoing emergence based on previous theorizing, (b) review current research in epigenetic robotics in light of ongoing emergence, (c) provide prototypical examples of ongoing emergence from infant development, and (d) outline computational issues relevant to creating robots exhibiting ongoing emergence.

Item Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:epigenetic robotics, autonomous development, emergent behavior, ongoing emergence, skill acquisition
Subjects:Psychology > Developmental Psychology
Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science > Robotics
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