Developmental Robots - A New Paradigm

Weng, Juyang and Zhang, Yilu (2002) Developmental Robots - A New Paradigm. [Conference Paper]

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It has been proved to be extremely challenging for humans to program a robot to such a sufficient degree that it acts properly in a typical unknown human environment. This is especially true for a humanoid robot due to the very large number of redundant degrees of freedom and a large number of sensors that are required for a humanoid to work safely and effectively in the human environment. How can we address this fundamental problem? Motivated by human mental development from infancy to adulthood, we present a theory, an architecture, and some experimental results showing how to enable a robot to develop its mind automatically, through online, real time interactions with its environment. Humans mentally “raise” the robot through “robot sitting” and “robot schools” instead of task-specific robot programming.

Item Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:mental development, developmental robot, real-time, online, SAIL
Subjects:Computer Science > Machine Learning
Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence
Computer Science > Robotics
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