An Open-Source Simulator for Cognitive Robotics Research: The Prototype of the iCub Humanoid Robot Simulator

Tikhanoff, Vadim and Cangelosi, Angelo and Fitzpatrick, Paul and Metta, Giorgio and Natale, Lorenzo and Nori, Francesco (2008) An Open-Source Simulator for Cognitive Robotics Research: The Prototype of the iCub Humanoid Robot Simulator. [Book Chapter]

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This paper presents the prototype of a new computer simulator for the humanoid robot iCub. The iCub is a new open-source humanoid robot developed as a result of the “RobotCub” project, a collaborative European project aiming at developing a new open-source cognitive robotics platform. The iCub simulator has been developed as part of a joint effort with the European project “ITALK” on the integration and transfer of action and language knowledge in cognitive robots. This is available open-source to all researchers interested in cognitive robotics experiments with the iCub humanoid platform.

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Keywords:Open-Source, Simulator, iCub humanoid robot, cognitive robotics
Subjects:Computer Science > Robotics
Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence
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