Application of The Method of Elastic Maps In Analysis of Genetic Texts

Gorban, Alexander N. and Zinovyev, Andrey Yu. and Wunsch, Donald C. (2003) Application of The Method of Elastic Maps In Analysis of Genetic Texts. [Conference Paper]

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Abstract - Method of elastic maps ( and ) allows us to construct efficiently 1D, 2D and 3D non-linear approximations to the principal manifolds with different topology (piece of plane, sphere, torus etc.) and to project data onto it. We describe the idea of the method and demonstrate its applications in analysis of genetic sequences. The animated 3D-scatters are available on our web-site: We found the universal cluster structure of genetic sequences, and demonstrated the thin structure of these clusters for coding regions. This thin structure is related to different translational efficiency.

Item Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:SOM, Elastic net, Data modeling, Genome clusters, Genetic text, Translational efficiency
Subjects:Computer Science > Statistical Models
Computer Science > Artificial Intelligence
Biology > Theoretical Biology
ID Code:3961
Deposited By: Gorban, Prof Alexander N.
Deposited On:29 Nov 2004
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