The Emergence of Symbol-Based Communication in a Complex System of Artificial Creatures

Loula, Angelo and Gudwin, Ricardo and El-Hani, Charbel and Queiroz, João (2005) The Emergence of Symbol-Based Communication in a Complex System of Artificial Creatures. [Conference Paper]

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We present here a digital scenario to simulate the emergence of self-organized symbol-based communication among artificial creatures inhabiting a virtual world of predatory events. In order to design the environment and creatures, we seek theoretical and empirical constraints from C.S.Peirce Semiotics and an ethological case study of communication among animals. Our results show that the creatures, assuming the role of sign users and learners, behave collectively as a complex system, where self-organization of communicative interactions plays a major role in the emergence of symbol-based communication. We also strive for a careful use of the theoretical concepts involved, including the concepts of symbol, communication, and emergence, and we use a multi-level model as a basis for the interpretation of inter-level relationships in the semiotic processes we are studying.

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Biology > Animal Cognition
Computer Science > Complexity Theory
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