Fast & Confident Probabilistic Categorization

Goutte, Cyril (2007) Fast & Confident Probabilistic Categorization. [Conference Paper]

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We describe NRC's submission to the Anomaly Detection/Text Mining competition organised at the Text Mining Workshop 2007. This submission relies on a straightforward implementation of the probabilistic categoriser described in (Gaussier et al., ECIR'02). This categoriser is adapted to handle multiple labelling and a piecewise-linear confidence estimation layer is added to provide an estimate of the labelling confidence. This technique achieves a score of 1.689 on the test data.

Item Type:Conference Paper
Keywords:Text categorization, probabilistic model, confidence estimation, multi-label categorization, category description
Subjects:Computer Science > Statistical Models
Linguistics > Computational Linguistics
Computer Science > Machine Learning
ID Code:5626
Deposited By: Goutte, Dr. Cyril
Deposited On:28 Jul 2007
Last Modified:11 Mar 2011 08:56

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