Amino Acids Sequences Analysis on Collagen

BOLBOACA, Dr. Sorana D. and JÄNTSCHI, Dr. Lorentz (2007) Amino Acids Sequences Analysis on Collagen. [Journal (Paginated)]

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Staring from available information about amino acids properties and sequences on collagen type I chains, the aims of the study were to identify the principal property component and to analyze the similarities within and between collagens on five species. The principal component analysis applied on twentyfour amino acids properties revealed that the hydrophobic or hydrophilic character measured by Wealling et al. is more stable comparing with the other investigated properties. Similarity analysis identified similar and dissimilar within and between studied species from the viewpoint of amino acids sequences on collagen type I alpha 1 and 2 chains.

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Keywords:Amino Acids; Collagen Type I; Properties; Multivariate Analysis
Subjects:Computer Science > Statistical Models
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Deposited By: JÄNTSCHI, Dr. Lorentz
Deposited On:12 Oct 2007 16:38
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