Cholecystitis & An Enzyme Study

Anil Batta, Int J Cur Biomed Phar Res. (2011) Cholecystitis & An Enzyme Study. [Journal (Paginated)]

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Cholecystitis is inflammation of the gallbladder that develops in short time usually when gallstone obstructs the cystic duct. Patients over the passage of time land to chronic cholecystitis. They have an abnormal liver function test with clinical features suggestive of gall bladder disease. Therefore, systematic step by step reviews of various investigations are important in diagnosis of gall bladder disease. The first step includes clinical evaluation of the patient followed by estimation of enzyme markers.. The seriousness of disease can be estimated from combined information of clinical examination & specialized biochemical tests. Specialized enzymatic markers are helpful for proper follow-up as delay can be devastating. It can form a platform for malignant & cirrhotic changes of liver: Present study has been undertaken to avoid dreads by simple clinical enzyme study. Serum levels of 5’NT/ALP/AST/ALT/Bilirubin were estimated in sixty cases of clinically diagnosed cholecystitis against forty normal individuals. Purpose was to single out a parameter which is most significant & may help as an endoscope to Surgeon for timely intervention. The study delineates5’NT to be superior to ALP due to its specificity &. Sensitivity. While elevated AST & ALT levels signify extent of hepatic cell damage, 5”NT specifically signifies the bile duct obstruction or cholestasis as well as hepatic cell damage.

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Keywords:Liver function, enzyme markers, clinical evaluation, gall bladder.
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