A Speech Act Calculus. A Pragmatised Natural Deduction Calculus and its Meta-theory

Cordes, M. A. Moritz and Reinmuth, M. A. Friedrich (2011) A Speech Act Calculus. A Pragmatised Natural Deduction Calculus and its Meta-theory. (Unpublished)

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Building on the work of Peter Hinst and Geo Siegwart, we develop a pragmatised natural deduction calculus, i.e. a natural deduction calculus that incorporates illocutionary operators at the formal level, and prove its adequacy.

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Additional Information:Translation of our paper "Ein Redehandlungskalkül. Ein pragmatisierter Kalkül des natürlichen Schließens nebst Metatheorie"; online available at .
Keywords:Speech Act Calculus, Natural Deduction, Logic, Pragmatisation
Subjects:Philosophy > Logic
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