Study on Gait Efficiency and Energy Cost of Below Knee Amputees After Therapeutic Practices

Biswas, Durbadal and Lenka, PK and Roy, S and Kumar, R (2011) Study on Gait Efficiency and Energy Cost of Below Knee Amputees After Therapeutic Practices. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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An earlier research advocated that a below knee amputee (BK) with conventional trans-tibial prosthesis attains higher gait efficiency at lower energy cost with therapeutic practices of proper time and co-ordination in compare to normal subjects of similar physical parameters and quality of life. The present study focused on comparative analysis of energy cost and gait efficiency between a group of below knee amputees and a control group (normal subjects without amputation) to indicate the consistency of the earlier findings. The subjects were selected with similar physical parameters and quality of life. Oxygen Uptake (VO2) and Heart Rate (HR) were measured by Cosmed® k4 b2 analyzer system. Gait efficiency (p < 0.0001) was found higher with lower energy cost for BK amputees after therapeutic practices than control group. The therapeutic activities contributed to efficient gait pattern for amputees ensuring proper time and co-ordination with balance in consistence to the earlier research.

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Keywords:Energy Cost; Gait Efficiency; Below knee amputee
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